We have been traveling a lot lately, so it’s been hard to update. Here’s the highlights: Sunday and Monday (18-19th) we were in Tenerife – Sunday we went to two different churches and heard a couple sermons in Spanish… it was hard to fill in the blanks on the note sheet. We also went to lunch with a Spanish pastor and his family, which was very tasty (even the rabbit), but conversation was difficult. On Monday we we went to the university in La Laguna and looked around. There is a huge opportunity there for people to work with students (who are eager to practice their English). The Sells are partnering with a church in another city to plant a church in La Laguna, and are working on finding a place to meet right now. Monday was Jessie’s birthday, and the Sells gave her a surprise party! But most of the day we spent in a less celebratory way – flying back to Ireland. Eventually we did get to Cork and stayed the night at the Freeces and Tuesday we met the rest of the Cork team (three families) and heard about their ministry. They partnered with Cork Baptist Church to plant a church in Douglas (just south of Cork) and they are now working on developing a plan for the Douglas church to plant a new church somewhere else. Today (Wednesday, 21st) we are in Youghal with the Tromsness’. Jessie is at a ladies Bible study right now and tonight we’re going to another meeting. Thank you for your prayers, we are learning tons about what ministry here is like!