Today (Saturday, the 17th), we went to a Spanish market in the morning and saw lots of unusual things – including potatoes the size of walnuts and some of the biggest flowers ever. After the market we stopped by to see a black sand beach, then went back to the Sell’s for “orientation” on Canary Island culture, ministry, etc. One big thing: greetings involve kissing (cheeks). This evening we got to go to the second largest church in Spain, on Tenerife, a church of about 300. We went to the youth meeting, where there were some 30+ people (“youth” here is anyone 14-mid 30’s). It looked a lot like one of our youth meetings. We split up in groups, and both Jessie and I had helpful people around us who made sure we were included by doing their best to translate for us. Tomorrow we’ll go to two churches on different parts of the island – we’re excited!