Thanks to Grandma day care, Jessie and I got to have a date Friday night and actually go out to dinner and a movie (I was under the impression new parents were not allowed to do such things, but I’m glad I was wrong!) Anyhow, we saw a chick-flick about girl and guy chefs who fight and make up and end up together. I say “together” even though I wish I could say “married”, but I can’t, so we’ll just say they got “together”. It was cute, clean, and we had fun. It wasn’t real realistic about how relationships with no commitment actually work, but okay. oh, and at one point the girl chef had a conversation with her psychiatrist and said: “I wish there was a cookbook for life” to which he replied, “you know better than anyone: it’s the recipes you make up yourself that are the best”. I wanted to scream “NO! I’VE GOT YOUR ‘COOKBOOK’ RIGHT HERE!” but I didn’t, and anyhow, we had a great night.