We are in the house and loving it, we finally got a bank account, our container is set to come tomorrow and we’ve got help to unload it! Life is good.

We still don’t have internet at the house, though, because we haven’t recieved the right bills in the mail that will satisfy the internet company that we actually live there (they are harder to satisfy than the bank!). So, Seth is writing this post from an internet cafe in town and future updates may be a bit slow in coming.

In other news, Jessica drove on the left side of the road for the first time (without any trouble), we burned sod in the fireplace like good Irish folks, and we got to go to church in Youghal!

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  1. MissRushing

    Yay for moving in!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the house…and see it in person!
    ~Aunt MJ

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