Sunday (11th) we got a taste of the work around Limerick. It tasted like tea. We had tea (always with some kind of food) six times! Breakfast with the Nickels, then at church we had tea between communion and the service. The church (which is a half hour from Limerick in Charleville) meets early for communion every Sunday, then tea, then the service. The Nickels (the only CrossWorld folks in Limerick) are working with the church in Charleville because they do not have enough help (and barely any Christians) to start a church in Limerick (yet). Right now they focus on street evangelism, door-to-door work, and one-on-one discipling of both believers and non-believers who are willing to meet and talk about the Bible. They also have kids clubs all year, but especially in the summer. The church in Charleville was about 30 strong this Sunday with a family from Brazil, a family from Slovakia, and a good number of Irish women, but very few Irish men. The Nickels work with a missionary couple from Canada and another couple from Northern Ireland. The three men take turns (monthly) preaching on Sundays, teaching on Tuesday nights (Bible study), and leading the songs on Sundays. The couple from Northern Ireland had us over after lunch at the Nickels (tea number three and four) and we had a great time with them. They have a two-year-old girl and moved the Ireland when she was 10 months old, so they were eager to share with us about how God has provided for them and what it takes to get settled in Ireland with a family. We went with them to the evening service where the church at Charleville and another church about 30 minutes from them combined. We had tea again (number five) at church, then went to the house of a man who was recently saved after 50 years in the Catholic Church. He showed us real Irish hospitality, which included tea (number six), sandwiches, and huge homemade apple tarts. Needless to say, our taste of Ireland was… filling!