Thank you for praying!

We had a good trip back from Oregon! We flew from Portland to Huntsville, AL (where our car was, because we were celebrating New Years with Seth’s folks) on Friday and Daniel actually did incredibly well – someone had to be praying for him. Then we drove home to VA on Saturday and two things happened that show how our God is a God of detail:

1) we really wanted to stop and walk around a bit, so we stopped and “just happened” to park right next to a walking trail… we were literally in one of the closest possible parking spaces and had no idea it was there until we got out.

2) a man told us one of our tires was low, and sure enough, it was low enough that if he hadn’t said something, I don’t know that we would have made it. Mental note: check the tires first.

Isn’t God good? Even when we make mistakes, He always cares for us!