David’s Adventures

It was a nice sunny day, so we took the kids to the playground and then for a walk in the woods by the river in Killeagh (KILL-ah), a village near here. Along the way we found a beautiful spot where we could go down on a small ledge above the river and the kids enjoyed throwing stones and sticks in the water as the sun danced through the trees. But the big splash wasn’t a stone. It was David. He lost his footing and just rolled right down into the river. Thankfully, it was shallow, so he stood up quickly and I’ll never forget those wide eyes. He summed it up later by saying, “I didn’t want to go swimming”.

Fast forward one week and you’ll find David yesterday morning, stepping off the stool after washing his hands. On his way down he knocked his chin on the sink and bit nearly all the way through his tongue. The doctor said it will heal without stitches, but not for a while, so David is on a liquid diet and says his words like his mouth is full.

As we wonder at what next week will bring, we also recognise that these things make great stories in time.

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  1. Lynn Stillwell

    Praying next week goes smoother, especially for David!

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