we thought that by now we’d have a house to tell you about. Well, here’s what’s happening:

over the weekend we decided to rent #3 Meadowlands on Monday unless something stunning popped up. On Monday, we found out that the house we originally tried to get before we came to Ireland was back on the market (see January 6th’s post). Today we looked at the place and told the agent “we want it!” but a few hours later we found out that the landlords had changed their mind about it again, and decided not to rent it out! That means they have changed their mind about it four times in all! And I thought I liked roller coasters…

Stay tuned – I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t have good news about #3 Meadowlands and maybe even pictures up by tomorrow – but don’t hold your breath!

Oh, and the rescue helicopter the other day was doing a practice run 🙂