The recent article about us in the Fincastle Herald (see post from July 9th) has stirred a bit of local controversy. This weeks edition of the paper included two somewhat heated responses in the letters to the editor (one from the pastor of a local Presbyterian church). Unfortunately, the letters to the editor are not posted online, or I would show them to you. We have also received some interesting responses via email.

Evidently, we are going to Ireland to spread “self-righteous bigotry” by imposing our own “interpretation of Jesus’ teachings” on people who are “already Christians”.

We are thankful, though, for the opportunity to explain ourselves, our mission and the gospel of God’s grace to those who emailed. We are also thankful for the opportunity to receive criticism for the sake of the gospel. It’s good training for the misunderstandings I’m sure we’ll receive in Ireland.

If you are reading this and don’t know what we mean by the “gospel of God’s grace” or have questions about why we consider Ireland to be spiritually needy, than I urge you to contact us and give us the opportunity to explain ourselves.