Waiting for David

Jessica’s water broke on Wednesday night, so we thought that by now we would have had some pictures of David for you, but evidently David is not is as much of a hurry as we are. Although we’ve had some spurts of labor, nothing has really stuck and right now Jess is in the hospital, waiting and being monitored. They would have induced by now if it hadn’t been for the C-section we had with Daniel and the increased risk that brings. Still, if things don’t happen on their own, we will probably be induced at some point. David is doing great and has plenty of fluid to keep him company and they are monitoring Jessica to make sure there is no infection. Our teammates have kept Daniel busy and happy as well. In short, everyone is doing fine, except that mom and dad are a little impatient.


  1. The Bells

    I'm praying for you guys. I know how frustrating it can be…on the nurse side of things. Hope that there is a chance he is already here when you get this message.

  2. jwcreath@gmail.com

    Praying for healthy, safe delivery. That doesn't necessarily mean a quick one, but praying for God's mercy & strength.

    The Creaths

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