We have been working to set up a trip to Ireland and the Canary Islands so that we can see the ministries first-hand. This trip will greatly help us by allowing us to:
1) Find out where we would fit best in what CrossWorld is already doing.
2) Meet the people we will be working with.
3) Know better how to prepare for the specific ministry God has for us.

We now have the dates for the trip set!
We’re leaving the US on Friday, March 9th and returning two weeks later on the 23rd.
Most of the time we will be in Ireland because there are several missionary teams there to visit, but we will also be taking a long weekend in the Canary Islands to see what the team there is doing. Please pray for us:
1) That God would use this trip to reveal His will to us about specifics: especially what team He wants us to work with and how we will be able to help best with the ministry.
2) That God would provide the funds we need to make this trip possible. We already know that the travel costs are about $2,800. Stay tuned for a final figure on in-country costs. If you would like to partner with us for this trip, just click on the “information” tab.

Thank you!