The life we supposedly celebrate on February 14th every year was lived 200 years after Christ. Valentinus was a Christian leader who opposed the decision of the Roman emporer at the time (nicknamed “Claudius the Cruel”) to ban all weddings so that he could recruit more soldiers to fight the barbarians. Kind of a strange rule, don’t you think? Anyway, Valentinus believed marriage was ordained by God, so he continued to preform weddings – secretly. But not secretly enough, because he was soon arrested and brought before Claudius the Cruel. While Claudius was accusing him of treason, Valentinus presented the gospel. Clauduis actually stood and said “This man’s words make sense! What is wrong with asking Jesus to save our souls?” but his officials soon convinced him of the political folly of becoming a Christian, so instead of accepting Christ, he had Valentinus put to death on February 14th. While he was awaiting execution, the chief prison guard Marcus and his family were saved after his daughter was healed of blindness because of the prayers of Valuntinus.

That’s a life worth celebrating!