Seth recently helped his Aunt Emily teach abstainance to a group of guys at the Roanoke Juvenile Detention Center (Auntie Em works for the local Crisis Pregnancy Center). Interesting. They were very open – we had quite a lively conversation! After we presented our two bits, a man from a local church shared the gospel with them and all 8 of the guys prayed to accept Christ. Usually I would be very excited about that, but in this case I’m not so sure. The man used an old translation of the Bible with lots of words they didn’t know, alluded to lots of Bible stories they didn’t know and used a lot of big theological terms to explain the gospel. In other words, I’d be surprized if they understood half of what he said. Also, there was no emphasis on the gospel actually changing the way you live your life – only on believing and being sure of your salvation. Am I the only one who wonders if this kind of presentation may do more harm than good? The Good News is a whole lot more than a free ticket out of Hell – it’s a real relationship with the God of the universe and it effects everything!