When we got back to Ireland after visiting America this summer, we began to notice that another family had moved in to our back garden (yard, in American English). It’s not a big garden, but it seems the family was at least as big as ours is. After some investigation, we found that they had taken up residence in our shed. Since it takes 12 years to claim squatters rights in Ireland, we weren’t too worried about that, but we were a bit concerned about some of the unpleasant things our new neighbours could have brought along with them. Five dead rats later, we’re pretty confident that we are once again the only family living here.


  1. Drew

    How did you discover them? the smell must awful emanating from the rotten things.

  2. Seth and Jessica

    Hi! I didn’t know you had a blog! Very nice. Yes, they are pretty rotten. We actually spotted them a couple of times early in the morning running around the garden. Hopefully never again!

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