One of the most popular bookstores in Ireland is Easons. On their website, they have sections covering Parenting and Self-Help, but no section for Religion. The category for that sort of thing is called “Mind Body Spirit”, with Religion books making up one sub-category along with other sub-categories like Astrology & Divination, Magic & Witchcraft, and Psychic Mediums & the Afterlife. Even under the “Religion” sub-catagory, the top books are mostly about Angelology (that is, getting Angels to tell you your future and help you fulfil your dreams), Mindfulness (using positive thinking to achieve your dreams), and a few by folks like the Dalai Lama. These books reflect the fact that even as organised religion has weakened in Ireland in recent years, many people are still looking for spiritual answers. The result has been the cultural acceptance and mainstreaming of a diverse mix of spiritual philosophies, many of which are reminiscent of Ireland’s pre-Christian days.