Our church meets in the building of a local traditional Irish music group called Ceolta Si. In the summer, they have shows twice a week that include traditional music, dance, stories, and an opportunity at the end for anyone in the crowd to participate. Seth went once, and was volunteered (by someone he had barely met) to sing at the end! He got out of it, but only by saying he would come back and do it another time. Last night was that time.

So what does an American sing at a traditional Irish music show?

Seth decided to sing “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” – not only is it written by an Irishman, but it has quite a story behind it. Good lyrics, too. Seth was introduced as a member of the Baptist church, got to share a bit of the story, and by the time he got to through the second verse of the song, some of the members of Ceolta Si were playing along! Jessica got to come along too – we took David (who slept the whole time!) and got a babysitter for Daniel.