We recently realized we’d ended up with all the ingrediants for S’mores because of grandparents who sent graham crackers and “American week” at a local grocery store that included big white “American” marshmallows. So we’ve been able to introduce some freinds to a delicious American treat!


  1. tori winn

    Where’s the REAL campfire?? Haha, I am not sure that even counts! At my language acquisition training in Colorado, we had smores twice at their “fire pit”…which was one of those fancy schmancy gas fire things. Of course smores are great, but it JUST wasn’t the same! HAHA, well, spread the cheer anyways!

    Hope you guys are having a great day! Praying for you guys.

  2. admin

    I know, it’s true, it’s not really the same, but it’s as close as we’re gonna get – not many places here you’d be allowed to build a campfire. It was still good!!

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