Thank you for your prayers! The landlord agreed to do the work that the house needed, and should have finished it today. That means we’re moving in tomorrow!

We couldn’t drive the car home without insurance, and at the last minute the company we had an agreement with backed out because of a technicality! But while we were on the way to pick up the car with one teammate, another teammate was on the phone wrangling a deal with another company so that by the time we got to the car lot, we did have insurance… whew! What a great team to be on!

Other stuff:
We still don’t have a bank account, cell phones, or internet of our own because we can’t get them without proof of address. Only a few things are accepted as proof, but some of them should be in the mail. Maybe we’ll have them soon? The good news is that the container full of all our things is supposed to come next Tuesday!

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    PTL :o)

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