Every Wednesday night our church has a prayer meeting. And we spend long stretches of time doing just that – praying. Once a month leaders from several churches in our wider area get together and spend a morning together, praying. Most Sundays we have an open prayer time during our church service. We usually stop to pray more than once during church meetings. When we first came to Ireland, I confess that I (Seth) was used to group prayer at the most being a once around the room, everybody say a short prayer kind of thing that took about ten minutes. I tended to watch the clock. It was an adjustment for me to start spending an hour or two together with others in prayer. It was an adjustment to realise that they really didn’t care about the clock. Folks here seem to have got the idea that they depend on God for everything. They ask for specific things. Yes, they pray for health issues and travelling safety, but they tend to focus more on things that have a longer impact… eternally longer. And would you believe – God answers!