Potty Training And The Love Of God

We’re working on potty training David right now, and we’re off to a slow start. He wants to do as we say, but he’s not really sure how and gets easily distracted. It was frustrating for everyone when the couch got wet after he sat on the potty all morning and mom had just stepped out of the room for a second!

Today I (Seth) have been studying John 15 for youth club, where Jesus says: “If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love”. It struck me that when David learns to use the potty, he’ll have new freedom from nappies (diapers) and he won’t be stuck in the house like he is now while he’s learning to keep our commandments. Because of that, there will be more ways opened up for us to express our love for him. Jesus’ commandments are similar – they are designed to give us the freedom to experience the fullness of His love. When we get distracted and make a mess of things, it doesn’t mean He stops loving us (we don’t stop loving David, either!), but it does limit how much we can enjoy each other’s company when there’s a stinky mess between us.

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  1. Darleen

    Great analogy ~ thanks!

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