we’ve had a couple of changes in plans recently:

Change 1: we thought we were set to rent a nice house in Youghal, but now the landlords are not sure that they want to rent it out at all. They had moved to the country, but it turns out things there are not what they expected and they are considering moving back to the house we were hoping to rent. They have not decided for sure yet, but since we don’t have much time, we’re looking elsewhere. Thank you for your prayers!

Change 2: the U.S. Social Security system just changed some requirements regarding folks who live overseas, and although it would still be possible to do a 4 year term up front and come back to the States for a year (what we were expecting to do), CrossWorld tells us that it would probably be better to come back for six months after 2 and 1/2 years in Ireland. We think that’s fine – we’ll get to see everyone on this side of the ocean sooner, and we won’t be away from the work in Ireland for a whole year.