Of T’s And D’s

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!
We’ve noticed since we came to Ireland that St. Patrick’s Day is slightly different here. For example, no one pinches you if you don’t wear green, and there’s no “Lucky Charms” cereal to have for breakfast. You do get the day off, though, and this year since it’s on a Saturday everyone will get Monday off. Another difference we just noticed this year is that when you shorten “St. Patrick’s” down, it’s always “St. Paddy’s” here, as opposed to the typical spelling in America: “St. Patty’s”. Last night we had youth club at our house and asked them about it and they were shocked that anyone would spell it with “t”‘s – they said Patty is a girls name, short for Patricia! If you want to shorten Patrick, it’s got to be Paddy. Now you know.

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  1. Julie Dermody

    Just started following you a couple of weeks ago. I home school my kids and we were discussing their Irish heritage. Oh a whim I looked at the SBC site to see if there were any workers in Ireland and was brought to your blog.
    It never occured to me before that we would have workers in Ireland. You have a beautiful family. Today has always been a special day in our home. You have enlightend us to a new way of looking at this holiday. Thank you. We will commit to pray for God to open doors for you to share His message.
    Living in His Continued Grace!
    The Oklahoma Dermodys

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