Musical Lingo

Someone at church asked Jess to help them learn piano theory so we started looking into it and it turns out the names of music notes are different here from what we learned in America. Here’s a rundown (Irish/British and then the American terms):

Breve – Double whole note
Semibreve – Whole note
Crotchet – Quarter note
Minim – Half note
Quaver – Eighth note
Semiquaver – Sixteenth note
Demisemiquaver – Thirty-second note
Hemidemisemiquaver – Sixty-fourth note
Semitone – Half step

I especially like the “Hemidemisemiquaver”. It’s just fun to say!

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  1. tori winn

    that is odd! Well, good luck trying to learn all of that and say it consistently if you begin to teach it :S

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