Mums, Daughters & An Institute Of Technology

Last weekend Jess and some other ladies from church, along with help from the teen girls, put on a mother/daughter evening around the theme of modesty. It was a follow up to the night of (true) beauty they had done before, and included a fashion show to display how you can be modest and trendy at the same time. Not only was it a fun night for mums and daughters to share, but it also gave them the opportunity to chat about serious things in a safe environment. In other news, Seth was invited to speak at a meeting of the Christian Union at Cork Institute of Technology on Tuesday. It was encouraging for him to see and share with a group of students taking a stand and living out what they believe in a place where doing that is definitely counter-cultural.


  1. tori winn

    hey! Thinking of you guys and excited to hear you’re coming home on a furlough soon! Wow, time goes fast when you’re having fun (in Ireland)!

    Hope you’ve been having a blessed week!

  2. Adina

    What are the guidelines on modesty for christians? Howcome the girls need to dress modestly but not the married ladies?

  3. admin

    Thanks Tori! We’re excited!

    Adina, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, so we’re to honour God with them. I guess you’re trying to say Christians are hypocrites because some Christian ladies dress immodestly? I’d say that’s all the more reason to have a night like this.

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