Seth has discovered that the restaurant business is a great mission field! On the application to work at Ruby Tuesday he put down that he was employed by Daleville Baptist Church and don’t you know everyone in the restaurant knew it in a matter of days!

Once while Seth was hosting a lady came in…
Seth: “welcome to Ruby Tuesday!”
Lady: “are you Seth?”
Seth: “um.. yes”
Lady: “one of the other servers told me I should talk to you – I’m looking for God”

She proceeded to tell me her story about how she had quit drugs and smoking, was reading her Bible and “The Purpose Driven Life”. We’ve had some good conversations since then, too (she’s a part-time server) and she seems to really be changing (she was recently baptised, too)! It’s not always that easy, though – sometimes they don’t just walk in the door asking for God. But two days ago Seth got to give another server a ride home and the whole way back they got to talk about church, religions and God. Seth got the gospel in there at least three times 🙂
Then yesterday Seth had a conversation with a former server (who’s dad was a pastor):

Seth: “hi, how are you?”
Former Server: “I’m still living in sin, but I’m trying to be nice”
Seth: “it’s not about being nice”
Former Server: “I know, all the nice in the world isn’t enough to get to heaven”
Seth: “all the work’s already been done!”
Former Server: “yeah, and it’s a darn shame to turn it down”

We didn’t have a chance to talk longer, but maybe we will. Anyway, it’s exciting to see the doors God opens at Ruby Tuesday!