While we’re in Alabama we’re staying with Seth’s folks, and last week while we were away in Georgia the refrigerator decided to spring a leak and spend all night soaking the floor. The result was that when we came back, the kitchen was torn out completely and there were huge fans and dehumidifiers all over the place. These are the powerful, dry-things-up fans, so walking around downstairs was like stepping in to a noisy wind tunnel where you have to speak very loudly. Interesting days to say the least. Thankfully, the fans are off now, but their work was futile – the floor will have to be replaced. Also one of the top cabinets that was left up in the kitchen decided it wanted to join the others that had been removed, and that decision was announced loudly by its breaking contents at 4am one morning. But the real kicker is this: all this time we’ve somehow continued to have delicious homemade meals!