On Monday (12th) the Nickel’s drove us down to Killarney, which is in one of the most beautiful areas of the country. There are mountains and lakes and sheep – and lots of tourists. There is a beautiful state park that has an old castle, an abbey and some gigantic old houses that we have walked by. All of this is very close to where the CrossWorld missionaries in Killarney, the Scheleen’s, live. Lest you think they are too much at ease in the Lord’s work, I should let you know that it rains all the time here – in February there were 58 hours of sunlight the whole month! The weather people say things like “there will be rain clearing to showers” and everyone just gets wet. The only Evangelical fellowship in Killarney is tiny. They meet in the “cultural centre” downtown, which is a small building used for dancing and music lessons, alcoholics anonymous, and whoever else wants to pay to meet there. The Scheleen’s are new to this church, and their primary ministry now is to teach and to build relationships both with the people in the church and in their new community. They are currently taking Irish sign language classes because there are several deaf people in the church, and there are some people in the class who are beginning to express interest in the church. If we were to come and help at the church in Killarney, we would probably share in the teaching and develop ministries that would reach out to the younger population in the area. Tomorrow we will get a taste of teaching, because we are giving our testimonies and leading a Bible discussion for their Wednesday night service – pray for us to be an encouragement! Today (13th) we met Patrick, the man whose house (on a farm) the church meets at on Wednesday nights. He came over to the Scheleen’s to help them cut down a large tree that started to fall over in the last storm – so our morning was spent felling trees in the backyard and chatting around tea (you can’t come over to someone’s house and not have tea). At least we didn’t have it six times today.