A Girl On The Way!

As you can clearly see, Rebekah Grace is obviously a cutie. The doc says she’s healthy, too. She’s also got a VERY excited big brother in Daniel, another big brother who is just confused about what in the world is going on, and two happy parents who are a little nervous trying to figure out what to do with a girl!


  1. Kimberly & Nathan

    Yay! A girl!! Congratulations! SO, SO excited for you guys!!

  2. Tori

    YEA!!!! HOW VERY EXCITING! Yes, all new clothes now…and all shades of pink…whether you like it or not :o). Hope you thoroughly have been enjoying HMA!

  3. Darleen

    Just returned from Illinois, still waiting on grandbaby #10 arrival & saw your exciting news!!! Praising the Lord for this sweet girl.

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