Here’s a few words you might want to remember if you ever come visit us in Ireland…

“water closet” = bathroom
“loo” = toilet

In the car:
“boot” = trunk
“hooter” = horn
“indicator” = turn signal
“flyover” = overpass
“windscreen” = windsheild
“setdown” = drop off
“collect” = pick up
“top-up” = fill up
“petrol” = gas

At the table:
“serviette” = napkin
“cutlery” = silverwear
“rashers” = bacon

Other stuff:
“lads” = young people (guys or girls)
“hoover” = vacuum
“trolly bay” = shopping cart return
“knackered” = tired
“trousers” = pants
“pants” = underwear
“puffed” = out of breath
“craic” (pronounced: crack) = fun

that’s a bit of what we learned, anyway. Have craic!