Happy 4th!

Of course, the 4th of July is just another day here in Ireland, but at least it’s a Saturday! We actually have sunshine today, and we had it yesterday, too. Yesterday it actually felt hot for a couple of minutes, which is the first time we’ve felt that way in at least a week. We also got to grill out yesterday with some friends, so that made it feel more like a holiday weekend.

David has been unpredictable, as babies are, and some nights he makes us wonder who ever coined the phrase “sleep like a baby”… maybe it was supposed to be a curse? Anyway, we are managing to get some sleep here and there and it helps a lot that Daniel takes a long nap every afternoon. He is getting his two-year molars, though, so that makes life a little more interesting.

Speaking of Daniel, tomorrow he’ll be 2 years old!! We won’t have “official” celebrations until later in the week, but he is already pretty excited!!

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  1. The Scottclan

    Happy 4th to y'all from your Irish team mates!!!And thanks for making this 4th july special for us too with the wonderful gift of those amazing flowers!!:)

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