Yesterday we said goodbye to our teammates Ernie and Nancy. They have spent the last 34 years in Ireland, serving the church here. Now they are moving to Kansas City where they will work at our organisation’s headquarters and be close to most of their grandchildren. It’s a huge loss to us as a church, to the churches in the wider area, and to our family personally, as they have been like extra grandparents on this side of the water for our children. Over the past couple of weekends we’ve had going away events to give everyone a chance to say goodbye, and it has been amazing to see and hear about the huge impact Ernie and Nancy had on so many people here in Ireland. We’re not the only ones who think of them as family – it seems everyone who knows them feels the same! They leave behind a lasting legacy of God’s love and care for people – a legacy that points to the Source of that love joyfully and clearly. We’re so thankful for the love they have given us, and that we’ll at least get to see them whenever we go back to headquarters!