First, I have to tell you the five new things from Daniel:

1) He’s got two new teeth (that’s four total now)
2) He’s playing peek-a-boo with no help from us
3) He’s imitating a new clicking kind of sound
4) He’s sleeping ten hours in a row… regularly!
5) He’s crawling!!! Not far, yet, but forward motion is happening!

Easter was wonderful here! Check out our pictures for more on that!

Our St. Patrick Party on Saturday went really well! Thanks to everyone who came and extra-big-thanks to those who helped make it wonderful! Here’s a couple of snapshots I just have to show you:

yeah, we had a good time 🙂

If you didn’t get to come to the party, but you’d still like to find out more about what we’ll be doing in Ireland and how you can be part of it, just shoot us an email at !