By The Numbers

To give you an idea of what our week was like, it’s probably easiest to give you the stats on food service: We set 24 extra places at mealtimes (beyond our family and Viki) and 22 light snacks (tea/coffee, cookies, cheesecake, etc).

*editor’s note: if you count the Sunday after this was written, which is fair because we didn’t count the Sunday before, you’d have to add 14 more to the ‘light snack’ category, raising the total to 36.

The news is full of numbers as well, since yesterday was a national election in Ireland. The tally isn’t complete yet, but it looks like we’ll have a different political party forming the new government. Exactly what that means for the future is hard to say, but it’s a clear indication that people are fed up with the government we’ve had.

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  1. tori

    love your new pics! Can’t wait to visit…sometime in the future. Have a great wknd…and let me know if you hear any word on internship opps for my PBU friend who is really interested in Ireland this summer…if something would work out.

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