Daniel turned one on Saturday, July 5th! We had an exciting day celebrating with friends and family (there are some pictures up on our picture page). It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since Daniel came into our family! He is more fun every day and we have to admit that this is probably the best year we’ve ever had 🙂

Daniel now has eight words (“mama”, “dada“, “up”, “more”, etc) plus three animal sounds (mostly “quack”) and could probably walk just fine on his own if he could just get the courage up. As it is, he loves walking all over as long as he has a hand to hold.

In other news, the past couple of days have been an adventure on another level – our computer started dying on Saturday and finished the job last night, so I’m using a new one to type this now. It’s a big process to get everything set up on the new one, but we are very thankful that we did end up having time to get all of our important information off of the old computer while it took it’s time dying. God is good! And we’ve learned our lesson: Now we have a much more efficient back up system, so even if the new computer were to die quickly, we’d still have everything we need.