Over the weekend, Seth was invited to a stag party (bachelor party, for Americans) for a friend in Cork. It wasn’t typical. For one, it wasn’t a drinking session. That alone makes it very different than the norm, but it was also unique because we had a big basketball tournament. Basketball is not exactly a common sport here. Most towns would have hoops somewhere, but few people actually play. Seth hadn’t had a chance to play a real game of basketball in years. But as rusty as he is, he didn’t have too much trouble keeping up with Irish guys. It’s not that they were rusty, they never had experience with the game to begin with, so there was nothing to rust. It was pretty fun to watch athletic guys who can perform wonders on a soccer pitch struggle to know what to do when the ball was in their hands! Honestly, it was nice to be able to play a sport and actually be competitive. By the way, Seth’s team won.