We just finished with Vacation Bible School at our church and it was great! It was a western-theme and I (Seth) like wearing a cowboy hat. The highlights were hearing the kids sing great songs, say great memory verses (or butcher them trying – one girl said “The Lord is the onlyest true guy”) and watching the leaders step up to the plate on helping the kids grow. We did well attendance-wise and a couple kids made decisions (I think they were serious). A few hours a day for one week is a start, but it’s a long way from what those kids need. I’m praying that the impact doesn’t stop with the kids – if we can reach the families, those kids have a much better chance of being discipled (not to mention that the families need to be reached anyway)!

Any ideas for follow-up with the parents/families? We had a family closing the last night of VBS and we sent home a letter inviting them to church, but is there more we could do?