As part of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland, our church is partnered with churches all over the island. The churches work together to support missionaries, provide Bible training, and much more. Each year there is a conference where the churches get to hear a report about what is happening in the Association and around the world through its missions efforts, but usually we do not personally attend because it is held in Northern Ireland (where the majority of the Baptist churches are) and that’s a long trip for us. This year, however, part of the report was about our teammate, Mervyn, taking on the position of Director of Baptist Missions, and also about how Paul and Kate McFarland are coming to be our new teammates in Youghal starting this September. So Seth went up with another man from church, driving more than 8 hours to attend a meeting of about 3 hours. It was worth it. It was so encouraging to see how churches all over the island are supporting one another and working together to bring the good news of God’s salvation to people all over the world. It was also great just to hear a big group of people singing together to the Lord, and talk afterwards over a cup of tea with people we rarely see.