After a landslide victory in favour of legalising abortion in Ireland, many are saying that a ‘New Ireland’ has dawned. It is not the same old devout Catholic nation it used to be. In fact, the referendum was seen by many as an opportunity to show the Church (and the world) that Ireland is no longer under her authority. The New Ireland has stopped looking to Rome for direction, and has turned her attention instead to Brussels (the capital of the European Union). The priests who used to dictate Ireland’s morality have been replaced with media personalities, politicians, and celebrities, who teach a new morality founded on the immovable pillars of personal autonomy and sexual freedom. This personal freedom is the height of the new definition of virtue, and anything that restricts it is the depth of the new definition of evil. As the referendum last weekend has proven, the New Ireland is here, and she is eager to faithfully follow her new morality – even if it means that her own children must be sacrificed in the process.