getting set up in Ireland is no sprint… it’s more like hurdling.

For our lease agreement on the house, we were supposed to have Irish bank account details. But to open an Irish bank account, you have to have a bill or bank statement that was sent to your house to prove you live there. Catch 22? Thankfully, we have a great teammate who got things figured out for us. Even though we don’t have an Irish bank account yet, we were supposed to move into the house today – but it’s not ready. A few important things are broken and the place needs cleaning. The landlord is coming tomorrow to take care of it. Pray that he does everything that needs to be done!

Now for the car: they included an inspection with the purchase, and they told us it should be ready to pick up tomorrow. That’s fine, because we are not allowed to drive it without insurance, anyway. Pray that the insurance comes through (at a not-too-terrible rate – we’re classified as student drivers here, for a while!) so that we can pick up the car and start driving ourselves around!