We have made some changes to the house since last summer, and wanted some different furniture in the kitchen and front room. Since we had specific ideas and a limited budget, we ended up making it ourselves out of pallets we got from friends. In the kitchen, we made a display for our Youghal pottery:


We also made a few matching bits in the kitchen like a shelf for the cookbooks and this sign:


In the front room, we replaced our TV cabinet with one made out of pallets:


The bottom of the bookshelf can also fold up to be a table/desk, since we often use the computer here (I’m typing on it right now).
Not only have we ended up with just what we wanted for a lot less money, the process of doing it was quite satisfying as well. It’s nice to have a project that has a definite ending.


  1. Judi Fikes

    Seth and Jessica…I hadn’t checked your blog for a little while…how clever you are! Who did the construction? Jessica, I know you are so creative but this proves Seth is, too! Great job…pinterest material!
    Love youghal!

  2. Seth and Jessica

    Thanks, Judi! Seth did the construction, but the planning for it was a team effort, and Jessica made the sign for the kitchen

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