Morning Adventure

This morning while we were getting ready for church, Daniel and David shut themselves in a bathroom and the door got stuck. The only way we could get them out was for Seth to kick the door open. Then, Jessica went in to show Daniel how to unlock the door so this wouldn’t happen again. Well, turns out they hadn’t locked the door – the mechanism just got hung up somehow and when Jess tried to turn the key it broke in half! Now Jess and Daniel were stuck – and the door got kicked in again. Just so you know: kicking doors in is not as easy as it looks in the movies.


  1. Levente

    WOW thats crazy :O how long were the boys in their for ? and how could daniel lock the door ? :S

  2. admin

    not long at all, just a few minutes, and Daniel didn’t lock the door – I think something caught in the mechanism and somehow it locked itself..? Not really sure how, and now I can’t figure it out because everything is bent and broken from being kicked in twice.

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