Irish Wedding

This weekend we went to the wedding of some friends, which is the first time we’ve been to a wedding in Ireland. It was a wonderful day, with a few variations from what we’ve experienced in America. The service was more liturgical, no one threw any rice, and the reception was long. When I say long, I mean the wedding started at 3:30pm and there were hotdogs served at midnight. But it was so much fun that the time flew! We didn’t stay long enough for the hotdogs (Rebekah hasn’t the endurance, and doesn’t eat them anyway) but we did stay long enough for an amazing dinner inside one of the barns on the farm where the bride’s family lives. It was great celebration for a great couple, and we were just delighted to be there!

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  1. Abby & Jared Perry

    How fun! Kate looks just beautiful. Wish we could have celebrated alongside all of you :).

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