Many say that Ireland is a Christian nation. The Irish Times just published the results of a Religious Knowledge Survey in Ireland. Interesting results. Check it out:

5% of 15-24 year olds could quote the 1st of the Ten Commandments.

32% didn’t know where Jesus was born; 35% didn’t know what we celebrate at Easter.

52% could name Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as authors of gospels, but only 38% knew that there are four gospels.

47% could name the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as the members of the Trinity.

48% could name Genesis as the first book of the Bible.

According to the 2006 census, out of a total population of 4.2 million, 3.6 million claim to be Catholic (86%). The Church of Ireland is the next largest with 125,600 claiments (3%). Muslims came in as the third largest religious group, numbering 32,500 (.7%), which is probably slightly lower than the number of Evangelical Christians (estimated at approximately 1%). And yet, most young people don’t even know the most basic facts about Christianity. Is this really a Christian nation?