Goodbye Grandma

We found out this morning that Seth’s Grandma (on his Mom’s side) died last night. It was not really a surprise, as she had not been doing well, especially after Grandpa died last summer. What she has lost is the pain she had, and has traded it for Heaven. What the rest of the world has lost is an amazing example of trusting God, constant prayer, gratitude and service. She didn’t pin her hope on her own goodness, but on God who saves sinners by the blood of Jesus. This is why we are totally confident about where she is today – we know that what Jesus did was enough to save Grandma completely, as it is for all who trust him. While I (Seth) wish my kids could have known my grandparents better, and could have seen the example of their love for God, each other, and others, I have to thank God for the privilege of seeing it myself – and pray for the grace to follow in their footsteps so that my children and grandchildren will have a similar example.

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  1. Lynn Stillwell

    Precious — glad you shared — praying for you all

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