OK, so the train mentioned in the last post started in Cork and ended up in Dublin. We did get David registered at the Embassy, which is nice. We thought it would be cool to be on American soil for the first time in quite a while, but the Embassy is not a particularly exciting place… it’s just a regular old government office: take a number and wait a long time to hand forms and money to a lady behind thick glass. I guess it’s unreasonable to think they would offer us burgers or something, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a little welcoming, would it?

Dublin was fun. A friend in Youghal gave us a coupon for a discount hotel stay so we were in the heart of the Medieval part of town and could walk to most of the historic stuff with our amazing double buggy (stroller).

Some Highlights:
Christchurch Cathedral (across the street from our hotel)
The Book of Kells
St. Stephen’s Green (a big park – Daniel loved the ducks)

There’s lots more pictures in the gallery!