The movie Seth pre-screened yesterday is called “The Voyage that Shook the World”. It’s a documentary about Darwin produced because 2009 is the “year of Darwin” – the 200th anniversary of his birth and 150th anniversary of the publishing of “The Origin of the Species”. Although the movie is produced by a Christian organization, it is not overtly Christian or creationist – it simply looks at Darwin’s life and work in the light of modern science. Overall it is very well produced (although I thought it was a bit dry at times), and it treats Darwin fairly while at the same time casting real doubt on the validity of his conclusions. I think it will be a useful pre-evangelistic tool for Christians to use. It won’t come out until June, but if you’d like to see a trailer, click here.

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  1. tori

    wow–that documentary looks really interesting! Thanks for the info! I will have to see it. I hope you guys are doing well. How can I be praying for you?

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