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A Taste Of Heaven

The Bible says that Heaven will be filled with people from every nation, and our local church in Ireland is a little taste of that – yesterday everyone put a dot on a world map on the place they were born, and this was the result:

Apologetics At MBC

This week Seth will be live-streaming for Munster Bible College’s Apologetics module. This module is historic, because it marks the first time we have repeated one of our courses. We run on a three year repeating cycle, so this is the beginning of our second time through. Even with our first batch of graduates gone, the class is still well attended, and we’re looking forward to a great week! Here’s a photo from a public lecture we held last night:

Preacher’s Conference

This week Seth got to attend a preacher’s conference with church leaders from all over Ireland. It was encouraging just to be together, but also very helpful to work together on helping each other handle the word of God faithfully. What a privilege!

Boxes And Tea

We definitely enjoyed the Christmas holidays in our new home, and used the time to make a lot of progress in unpacking and getting the house set up. There are still a number of jobs left to be done, of course, but we love the way it’s coming together. We’ve also been able to enjoy some good family time and start showing hospitality to others – in the last 2 weeks we’ve had 20 people at the house. We’re excited to start 2018 in Carrigtwohill!

Sharing Music

Jessica and Seth were both asked recently to share music: Jessica played piano for a Christian ladies conference in Cork, and Seth sang songs from musicals for a fundraising evening in aid of the Youghal Musical Society. We love music, and it’s fun to have chances to share it with others!

October Camp

Today we head to Munster Christian Camp, where we’ll be leading a great team to put on a camp for 58 12-15 year olds. Thankfully, the weather forecast looks good. We’re forecasting a great camp as well!

A House To Move To

After agreeing to the sale of our house in Youghal recently, we started looking hard for a place to land – and it was harder than we thought. Most of the houses listed online were actually already sold, and we were running out of options. But at the last minute, God provided an unexpected solution and the result is that we have put a deposit down on a new home for our family!

Team & Talk

On Saturday, a team from Virginia arrived to help us for a week! We are very thankful to have them, and happy to put them to work!

Last night Munster Bible College held an open lecture that was an encouraging look at how God’s kingdom grows. Seth was in charge of broadcasting it, so you can watch it here:

Joint Service

This morning we met together with ten churches to celebrate what God has done in our area. Most of the ten were planted as the result of one small church in Cork city, and the work continues as the churches continue to work together to help each other plant new churches. What a blessing to see and be part of this!

Wedding Celebration

This week we had the wonderful privilege of participating in the wedding ceremony of a young Irish woman we have known since she came with a friend to our church’s youth club years ago. She married a wonderful Godly man she met at university, and like all Irish weddings, the celebration went on for most of the day and far into the night. We count it a huge blessing to get to see God’s work through the years and celebrate the beginning of this new family!

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