When we moved to Ireland seven years ago we got a seven-seater Opel to get us around that served us very well with few complaints. This year, though, we started having some trouble that made us think we should start looking for a replacement. After a bit of looking, we found a good replacement in Dublin, and ended up buying it while we were there to drop Seth’s parents to the airport. Unfortunately, we couldn’t drive it home right away because the money had to come from America and these things take time. So we drove the Opel home… mostly. On the trip the battery light came on, followed by a procession of other lights, then loss of the power steering, then finally she just gave up. Thankfully by that time we were not too far from home, and a friend from church was able to rescue us. It also happened that he had an old car he had been trying to sell for weeks that we could use for a few days until Seth could go up and get our new (to us) car. We did get the car, and after we gave back our friend’s old car it sold in a couple of days. When God says he knows what we need before we ask, he means it!