Capel Island


Ever since we moved to Youghal, I (Seth) have wanted to go out to Capel Island. You can see the island from Youghal beach, and you can tell there is some kind of tower on it which is just begging to be explored. Recently I was able to borrow a couple of kayaks, and with friends from church finally made it out to the island! The tower was built to be a lighthouse in the early 1800’s, but evidently they changed their minds and it seems it was never used. The island itself is small, but beautiful, and the home of a thousand birds and a handful of goats with very large horns, who thankfully did not decide we were a threat!



  1. Martin

    Very interesting and must be a nice place but on a side note, sorry to dampen things, you are only allowed to access the island with written permission from Bird Watch Ireland. It forms part of the Capel Island and Knockadoon Nature Reserve.

  2. Seth and Jessica

    Thank you, Martin. I will remember that for the future!

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