Who we are:

Seth grew up in a Christian family and followed Jesus from an early age, but when he began teaching Bible clubs for children at age 13 he realised that his faith had to be more than a family tradition. Since then, he has continued to be involved in ministry and has developed an intimate relationship with the Lord that has become his greatest treasure.

Jessica grew up with parents who knew and loved Jesus. Memorizing Bible verses with her mother is one of her earliest memories. At the age of six, she attended a special service at her church and realised that she needed and wanted Jesus to save her. In the coming years, she has learned to walk with Him, to love His Word and to respond to His Spirit. Now she has no greater joy than experiencing His Presence, and serving Him for the glory of Jesus Christ.


Seth and Jessica met at Liberty University. After dating seriously for several months, God tested them separately one weekend as they each faced a decision: both felt strongly led to serve God abroad, but neither thought the other would go. Separately, they decided that they would follow God despite the consequences.  You can imagine their surprise when they saw that God had done the same thing in both of them!

Seth and Jessica now have three children: Daniel, David and Rebekah, who are their constant joy and the subject of most of their pictures.

What we do

In the past, Ireland was instrumental in preserving Christianity in Europe and sent missionaries around the world to proclaim God’s word. Today, however, many in Ireland have lost a clear understanding of what God has done for us through His Son. We are working with UFM Worldwide to partner with local Irish churches, helping them in their goal of planting new churches in areas that do not have a strong gospel witness. Check out ufmworldwide.org for more information on UFM Worldwide. You can also check out
to see information on the local church we are currently working with.